About Pioneer. Your behavioral needs resource

At Pioneer Counseling Center, the therapeutic rapport developed between our clinicians and our clients is paramount in successful treatment.

Pioneer Counseling Center’s professional staff of trained counselors and psychiatrists use a variety of clinical approaches for those individuals and families struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.

Our substance abuse treatment program uses the 12-step philosophy of recovery from chemical dependency. Our drug and alcohol treatment programs are designed to address the needs of each individual, stemming from the initial clinical intake where we initiate a thorough addiction assessment and design an individualized recovery plan.

Using a combination of individual, didactic group and therapeutic groups, our clients are able to work toward attainment of their treatment goals and sustain progress in their treatment. Group services, both didactic and open-ended therapy, are essential in working with the substance abusing population. Because families are so important to recovery, family therapy is routinely incorporated into our treatment process. We also work to connect our clients to community resources and local support groups. At Pioneer Counseling Centers, drug and alcohol addiction treatment goals always include:

  • Progressive cognitive and behavioral change leading to a decrease in mood altering substances with the final goal of abstinence.
  • Develop an understanding of addiction and its negative impact.
  • Work with clients steeped in denial of their use.
  • Develop and practice relapse prevention skills.
  • Diagnose and treat clients with co-occurring disorders.

At Pioneer Counseling Centers, we’re dedicated to helping you or someone you care about, identify, adapt, and effectively deal with challenging and difficult circumstances. Our goal is to help our clients improve their coping skills and learn how to make adjustments to live a life of sobriety. The ultimate goal is a better quality of life. We know first hand dealing with difficult times can be overwhelming. We provide treatment that is the least disruptive to individuals or families’ functioning and daily living.

We use an integrated treatment approach for you and/or your family. Mental health issues are simultaneously addressed within the substance abuse treatment program, and when appropriate, internal referrals to our staff psychiatrists are recommended to rule out the presence of psychiatric disorders.

Our psychiatrists are highly skilled and experienced, with long tenure at Pioneer Counseling Centers and are able to integrate services and identify both mental health and substance abuse issues with their clients. Our familiarity with all intervention and tasks inherent in an outpatient setting is central to our ability to successfully deliver services to our clients.