Addiction Counseling. Substance Abuse Disorders

Outpatient Addiction Counseling in Michigan

Addiction, whether alcohol or drug related, is a disease with deep and long lasting negative impacts on individuals, families and society. With the proper treatment and support, recovery is possible.

Pioneer Counseling Centers uses the 12 Step Treatment model among other modalities to help our patients recover. We help patients understand the disease, learn new coping mechanisms, develop relapse prevention skills among other tools and techniques to help them recover from their addiction.

In many cases, those who suffer from substance abuse issues, also struggle with mental health issues. The opposite is also true; many of those who suffer from mental health issues, struggle with chemical dependency. The term is called a co-occurring disorder or a dual diagnosis.

Pioneer Counseling Center uses an integrated treatment model to address patients with co-occurring disorders. This means that for people who have co-occurring disorders, especially those with persistent and severe mental health/substance abuse issues, we initiate a broad range of counseling therapies and support services.