Warning signs of a drinking problem.

Warning signs of a drinking problem

  • Do you ever feel guilty after drinking too much?
  • Do you ever end up drinking more than you planned?
  • Do you take a drink or two before going to a party where you know drinks will be served?
  • Do you ever avoid a party because drinks will not be served?
  • Do you find yourself sneaking extra drinks at parties?
  • Do your family or friends ever argue with you about your drinking, or the money it costs?
  • Do you feel a need to drink to calm down or relax?
  • Have you ever been unable to remember events that happened while you were drinking?
  • Do you take a drink first thing in the morning to get yourself together?
  • Do you look for excuses to celebrate and does celebrating always mean drinking?
  • Do you drink alone?
  • Do you drink more than four days out of the week?
  • Do you ever drink for several days in a row or over a weekend without ever sobering up?
  • Do you lie about your drinking or minimize the amount you drink?
  • Have you ever been late for work or missed appointments because you were drunk or hungover?
  • Have you ever fallen or had accidents related to drinking?
  • Do you look forward to a drink at a particular time of day?
  • Are you drinking more than you did a year ago?
  • Does it take less alcohol to get you drunk than it did a year ago?

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